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Affordable Low Cost San Francisco Psychotherapy

An unfortunate, but very real aspect of today’s busy and fast-paced society are feelings of loneliness, overwhelm and depression.  Sometimes these feelings can be met by support from our loved ones.  But, sometimes these feelings grow and our usual attempts at a fix are no longer effective.  In these moments we may need  to reach out to a professional psychotherapist for more help.

However, another aspect of today’s society is financial hardship.  The San Francisco Bay Area is one of the most expensive places to live in the United States and finding a professional and highly trained licensed psychotherapist that will slide below $120 per hour is not easy.

We get it!  At Golden Gate Integral Counseling Center we understand financial stress and hardship.  We are a collective of highly trained trainees and interns dedicated to providing affordable psychotherapy to residents of the San Francisco Bay Area.

We are committed to approach each client anew and take a collaborative approach towards healing by tailoring the therapy to honor and respect the uniqueness of each individual.  We pay particular attention to our clients’ desires to find their answers within themselves, while offering our professional expertise and guidance.

Golden Gate Integral Counseling Center is a non-profit organization.  In order to make our services available to as many as Bay Area residents as possible, we are conveniently located just a block from the Civic Center.  We are easily accessible by car, Muni or BART.  We also have indoor bicycle parking for our two-wheeled commuters.

Please feel free to call us for further information about our services or to schedule an appointment.  We can be reached at 415.561.0230, or you may email us at